Crime Puzzle (2021)

Crime Puzzle (2021)


Yoo Hee is a young, budding criminal profiler whose father is suddenly murdered in a series of unexpected killings. After the deaths, Han Seung Min, a popular and high-profile forensic psychologist professor – and also a former flame of Yoo Hee’s – comes forward to confess to the crime. The police take him into custody and he is eventually sent to a high-security jail that positively teems with some of the nation’s most dangerous inmates.

But as Yoo Hee begins to investigate the crime, she cannot shake the hunch that Han Seung Min is not the killer after all – and that he may have other, hidden motives for confessing to the crime. But time is running out for her to solve the case: violence rules at the prison, where Han Seung Min appears to be on a mysterious quest of his own. Can she crack the riddle before time runs out? And if Han Seung Min really didn’t kill her father…then who did?

Other Name: 크라임 퍼즐


Released: Oct. 29, 2021


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